Montréal, QC, Canada; Thursday, April 7, 2:30pm

Title III Equity Crowdfunding goes live in May 2016.  As co-chairs of the ABA’s Angel Venture Capital Subcommittee, Fox Rothschild attorneys Emily J. Yukich and Matthew R. Kittay will host a panel conversation featuring Amos J. Richards, General Counsel of leading equity crowdfunding platform EquityNet, alongside former SEC  Division of Corporation Finance Special Counsel David J. Lavan, for insights on legal and practical implications.

Unlike traditional capital markets, the crowdfunding market has no gatekeepers – underwriters, accountants and lawyers that are able to monitor the process and press issuers when offerings may run askew of regulatory rules or when deal terms become too one-sided – which  may spur new regulatory as well as commercial concerns.  The group will discuss topics including the tension between state and federal securities regulators , how lawyers can provide input on deals that are capped at $1mm without pricing themselves out of the market, and the need for the crowdfunding market to police itself to avoid increased regulation.  We’re excited to discuss these and other issues as the new rules go live.

If you plan to attend the conference, please join us for this informative discussion.