In a recent post, Michael Hart discussed a reported wave of shareholder lawsuits that may cause entrepreneurs to reconsider incorporating in Delaware. Now, he and Paul Wassgren note a new development in Nevada, another favorable state for entity formation, that could have the same effect there.

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Pennsylvania is becoming an easier place to do business – for both emerging and established companies.  The Entity Transactions Law (“ETL”), effective July 1, 2015, ushers in a simplified, state-of-the-art regime for Pennsylvania businesses engaging in fundamental transactions.

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Copyright: somartin / 123RF Stock Photo

Two features of the new law

If you’re about to form a start-up, you may be trying to decide between forming a corporation or an LLC.  Although many considerations go into this determination, important factors for you to consider are your proposed funding and hiring plans.

Funding Plan

If you’re expecting to raise $1 million or more in your first round