Jianming Jimmy Hao, Ph.D. writes:

A patent battle between University of California and MIT has casted clouds over the ownership of the CRISPR gene-editing technology potentially worth billions of dollars.  Bio-pharma companies, investors, and researchers should use caution when navigating the complex intellectual property landscape.

The CRISPR gene-editing technology has created intense excitement in the

Early stage companies with valuable intellectual property often receive solicited or unsolicited opportunities to sell their business, which a buyer may view as a means of acquiring intellectual property.  Differences as to enterprise valuation may be bridged through an “earnout” mechanism whereby the buyer pays an initial amount at closing and, if certain milestones are

When deciding on a business venture, it is important to put serious thought into the name of a new company name or product line.  From an intellectual property perspective, the strongest names or trademarks get the most protection, and when deciding on a mark, creativity and originality are key.

With regard to creativity, marks generally