Aside from the obvious (for example, lack of capital, lack of operating history, etc.), one of the most pronounced challenges facing startup and emerging companies is their dependence on one or a few key individuals, whether employees or founders.  This is such a common theme for early stage companies that it is almost universally disclosed

Copyright: vipdesignusa / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: vipdesignusa / 123RF Stock Photo

Although startups can offer unique opportunities for potential employees, emerging companies often face great competition in the hiring process.  Your company may be benefiting from the services of a talented foreign professional worker who requires H-1B sponsorship, or perhaps you’ve identified a foreign professional

If you’re about to form a start-up, you may be trying to decide between forming a corporation or an LLC.  Although many considerations go into this determination, important factors for you to consider are your proposed funding and hiring plans.

Funding Plan

If you’re expecting to raise $1 million or more in your first round